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    • Smart Home Gateway
      Smart Home Gateway

      Product Name: Temperature Sensor Product Function: Home security in the armed state, real-time, accurate measurement of the ambient temperature, once the home temperature anomalies, the alarm will be sent directly to...

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    • 3 In 1 Gateway
      3 In 1 Gateway

      Product Name: 3 in1 gateway Product Function: Smart Home Kit core components, the system acts as the "brain" or "heart" role, is the control center of the intelligent home, smart home automation...

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    • 3 In1 Smart Home Gateway
      3 In1 Smart Home Gateway

      The Dusun 3 in 1 smart gateway is designed for digital smart home. As the core of the smart home, the Dusun 3 in 1 smart gateway is considered as the "brain" or "heart" in the system. It’s the...

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    • Smart Gateway
      Smart Gateway

      The smart home gateway is a bridge between different communication interfaces,such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, ZigBee or Bluetooth.This smart gateway can support existing legacy RF standards (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) and newer RF...

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