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What Is The Difference Between PCB And PCBA?

- Apr 11, 2016 -

PCBA=Printed Cirruit Board +Assembly

That is after PCB Board SMT on, then DIP the plug-in process as a whole, referred to PCBA

Which of the parameters involved, diffuse

For example: SMT process: the Profile curves are very important

DIP process: WAVE SOLDER Tin time, wave height, and so on

To say how to audit a PCBA supplier, that the standards attained, if need to contact Liu each study

PCB Printed Circuit Board of the abbreviated Chinese name for printed circuit boards, also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board, and electronic part that is important, is the support of electronic components, is a provider of electronic components and electrical connections. Because it is the use of electronic paper manufactured, it is called "print" circuit board.

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