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Temperature Sensor Will Be An Important Player In Social Development

- Aug 02, 2017 -

Temperature Sensor will be an important player in social development
Temperature Sensor play an important role in the development of today's technology, and it can obtain a lot of information that human senses can not get. Widely used in agricultural, industrial important areas. It will gradually develop towards the network of intelligent direction. The three main bases of modern information technology are information collection, transmission and processing technologies, namely, sensing technology, communication technology and computer technology, which constitute the "sensory", "nerve" and "brain" of information technology system respectively. The primary part of the information acquisition system is the Temperature Sensor and is placed at the forefront of the weighing system.
In a modern automatic detection weighing system, if there is no Temperature Sensor, it can not monitor and control the production process of various aspects of the various parameters, it can not achieve automatic control. The same in our life we do not touch the Temperature Sensor at all times Maybe you will not pay attention to his presence but you have to admit his merits, such as the computer now used, in order to meet the large number of data processing needs, more and more Many chipsets are placed in the host, at the same time, CPU and chipset operating frequency is also rising. More chipsets and faster clock frequencies mean more heat generation. For notebook computers, users in addition to the system requires better performance, the appearance, but also requires light, thin, small, this is the designer is facing another challenge. In a limited space, how to dissipate the heat generated by the system is a thorny problem. How to balance system performance, system comfort, and system running time, is an important topic in notebook computer design. Notebook computers need to monitor the temperature of the components for the notebook computer typical system block diagram, CPU is the largest heat source in the system, the current notebook computer commonly used IntelDothan processor its instantaneous maximum power consumption is about 37W, AMDAthlon processor its instantaneous maximum power consumption About 35W to 40W, Intel's next-generation Merom processor's instantaneous maximum power consumption will be as high as 50W. CPU is an important goal of temperature detection in a computer. At present, both Intel or AMD CPU, CPU internal contains a remote temperature detection with the diode to provide
The Temperature Sensor directly detects the temperature of the internal die of the CPU and makes precise temperature control. From here also see the Temperature Sensor in the computer an important role, the same more practical in our lives there are many, such as staircase walkway in the touch switch, rice cooker cooking to a certain temperature when the automatic power insulation, electronic The balance can accurately measure the weight of the object, the electronic thermometer to measure the temperature of the human body, the phone touch screen more convenient operation, etc., the role of Temperature Sensor will be you can not imagine and people indispensable to modern life.
The role of Temperature Sensor more and more by the industry, science and technology, leadership decision-making departments in the scientific research and basic research. Such as the use of Temperature Sensor and sensing technology, can observe 10 ^ (- lOcm) particles; can measure 10 ^ (- 24) s time; a spacecraft can be seen as a collection of high-performance Temperature Sensor, You can capture and collect all kinds of information in the universe; a car used on the Temperature Sensor as many as hundreds of species, the use of Temperature Sensor can measure oil temperature, water temperature, water pressure, flow, displacement, speed, Such as music stool. The level of Temperature Sensor is a measure of a country's comprehensive economic strength and technical level of one of the signs of its level of development, production capacity and application areas has become an important indicator of national scientific and technological progress, as some foreign experts believe that; Temperature Sensor, who will dominate the current new era of osteomyelitis. In the modern industrial production, especially in the automated production process, use a variety of Temperature Sensor to monitor and control the production process of the various parameters, so that equipment in the normal state or the best condition, and the product to achieve the best quality. So it can be said that there are not many excellent Temperature Sensor, modern production will lose the foundation. Temperature Sensor is widely used, it is easy to see that the Temperature Sensor will be an important role in social development.

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