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Smart Lock Stores Fire Up Six Elements

- Feb 21, 2018 -

As social groups attach importance to home security, smart locks market is growing. With more than 2000 domestic smart lock brands, their franchisees have gradually occupied half of the lock market. These franchisees face great competition pressure, how can ability make own entity shop to stand out in the business scope of operation, win consumer favor?

Here are six key elements of smart lock store fire:

1. Good quality and high cost performance.

A domestic network technology nowadays, although customers can't completely understand smart locks, but also must be done through a variety of network channels of understanding, to the customer the most concern is the stability of the intelligent lock function, and the general intelligent locks entity shop will be concentrated in the real estate, building materials market, the mall where although the traffic was much, but provide customers with more choice space. So in choosing a smart lock brands to join are looking for guaranteed product quality, cost-effective products manufacturers, so in the customer in the purchase process would give priority to purchase of their stores sales of smart locks.

2.the product variety is rich, the development is strong.

Intelligent lock function of most of the products on the market is mainly the fingerprint lock, password lock, card lock, the key to unlock the lock, four homogeneity problem is more serious, it would be easy to unconsciously join the price war, finally carry not to live to be eliminated, is now the high speed development of intelligent lock market, is eliminated, therefore, the Internet, be sure to select expanding strong intelligent lock to join in

3. Position your product.

Smart locks are widely used. Besides the family, there are also hotels, hotels, residential buildings, office companies, book cities, schools, Banks and other commercial, governmental and personal fields. Franchisees to selling the classification of the intelligent lock of the investigation to oneself pinpoint their sales area, and then according to different areas of king pin in proportion with the demand for smart locks, so convenient to store has is a sales strategy for sex, increase the store profits, at the same time also won't cause a lot of pressure phenomenon.

4. Focus on store image.

Clothes make the man. Store is the first impression of the brand, on the market smart home product storefront design is decorated similar. To customer immediately noticed his bunk on little not expend idea one time to decorate, of course, do not need to spend a lot of money to get it Jin Huihuang, but must let store looks neat and tidy, while maintaining their unique style, color, attract customer to shine at the moment.

5. Focus on customer needs.

In the process of marketing and customers to understand their demands for smart lock what, for smart lock market direction in time to grasp, feedback to the factory, let the factory according to customer's requirement on the function and technology to improve the development of new smart locks, to their stores selling. To make the products sold in our store more humanized and meet the two advantages of customers' needs, we have achieved a good deal in the market of smart lock homogenization.

6. Properly publicize the products.

Regularly set the main product promotion plan for each month or month. Shop doorway flagship product posted posters, flyers, where people big experience and create a small pavilion, the function of describing the flagship product, invited on-site customer experience, can and factory negotiate preferential lottery and other activities to attract customer retention and let more popular propaganda site, even if the scene sell-through rate is not ideal, at least also increased their brand impression, is advantageous to the behind customer word of mouth, inadvertently laid the benign conditions for the future development of the store.

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