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Smart Home Solutions

- Jan 17, 2017 -

Solution Outline

Home life will be more intelligent

Smart home program is the use of advanced computer technology, network communications technology, integrated wiring technology, medical electronic technology in accordance with the principles of human engineering,

Integration of individual needs, and will be related to the lives of all subsystems such as security, lighting control, curtain control, gas valve control, information appliances, scene linkage, floor heating, health care, remote unlock,

Health and epidemic prevention, security, security and other organic combination, through the network of integrated intelligent control and management,

Realization of "people oriented" new home life experience.

Scheme introduction

Scheme description

DUSUN smart home program is the use of sensors + intelligent gateway +DUSUN cloud + algorithm to home security based,

Daily life of the exception of the alarm for the treatment of a set of auxiliary home system. Users can simply view the basic status of the doors and windows in the APP

At the same time, you can remotely unlock, unlock the phone, at the same time there was a leak in the home, leakage, fire emergency response or notify the user,

The whole system has the characteristics of convenient installation, convenient use and beautiful appearance.

Use objects and scenes

This scheme is mainly used for home users, but also for office space;

Common scene:

1, people are not at home, the illegal invasion;

2, to the downstairs, cudgel thinking the door is not closed, the window is not light, ran upstairs to see, or just leave, good knot....

3, water pipes burst, forgot to turn off the faucet, water overflows golden hill;

4, you are at work, the children come home from school, what time to open the door home, at a glance;

5, go out to forget to take the key chain, only the family came to the door or ask someone to pick the lock.....

6, a friend to visit, you have not come home, you have to let friends stand outside the door, a temporary password, a good warm.

7, elderly people living alone at home, wrestling, sick or accidental death, completely bedridden, do not think, for children, television coverage of the elderly living alone died 30 days was found the tragedy;


You just need a smart home!


Meaning and value

The use of smart home system can improve the efficiency of life, prevent accidents, and reduce the loss of common theft, water, fire and gas disasters,

Be able to monitor old people, children, some of the customary habits, to prevent the occurrence of some accidents. Enable people to feel the quality of life brought about by science and technology in daily life,

A simple alarm to avoid an accidental loss, a simple reminder to pass endless love!



Function description

Safety, health, convenience, comfort, energy saving, pleasure

DUSUN smart home solutions:

Allows you to enjoy the safety, health, convenience, comfort, energy saving, pleasure, high quality of life,

Simplicity of intelligent life, a sense of happiness! Simple and practical, easy to install, easy to operate, not only has a reminder function,

At the key point in time to inform you and help you make a quick response. Combined with the frequent occurrence of forgotten scenes at home and the occasional major impact on the day-to-day management of the accident.

Features include: door and window condition monitoring, liquid monitoring, infrared detection, temperature and humidity monitoring,

Intelligent door locks, remote unlock, remote camera and other functions.

Program features

1, with a flexible: all systems in the sensor product users can flexibly match,

An intelligent center (Gateway) plus a sensor will be able to form a minimum system, users can customize the flexible;

2, a variety of ways to remind: the user can choose the two modes of the three alarm notification,

Users can be set in home mode and home mode, each mode has three alarm modes:

A, message notification. B, phone call. C, avoid disturb.

But no matter what kind of state, if there is leakage, leakage state, the system will open emergency measures to close the water valve or gas pipeline.

3, the product is easy to install: smart home security products, installation is very convenient,

Users only need to paste the product with 3M glue in accordance with the use of instructions in the right position on it, no additional wiring,

The replacement of the scene and the defended area easier, more simple.

4, the product appearance is small, the standby time is long, lets you enjoy the convenience in the unconscious, lets the intelligence become the real convenience.

5, special application scenarios, such as a room door PIR can be set to "care model",

The system will introduce a special algorithm for this group of sensors to record the behavior of the guardian, so as to learn the habit of guardian,

Analysis of the monitored data, and then analyze the anomaly.

System advantage

DUSUN smart home program installation is simple, flexible product mix,

From the moment you leave home, to protect the safety of your home, you are the most tangled thing to complete the system,

Open mobile phone, clear at a glance...... 


Usage method

Users go to the official website: HTTP://WWW.TVLINKER.COM download APP and instructions, installation, please watch the video or check the installation instructions;

1, sensor installation instructions and requirements; 2, the use of intelligent lock instructions; 3, the camera manual;

Cooperative partner

Grenada Beijing Li, Ningbo dooya

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