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Principle And Application Of Leakage Sensor

- Jun 26, 2017 -

Principle and Application of Leakage sensor

    Today, a number of modern sensor companies to provide a new type of Leakage sensor, compared with the traditional temperature sensor, with cost-effective, superior performance, high reliability, easy to use, small size, high sensitivity and simple control circuit features The Can replace the traditional thermistor and resistive temperature detector.

    New Leakage sensor Principle

    Leakage sensor, also called thermocouple, is the two different materials of the conductor or semiconductor A and B welded together to form a closed loop, when the conductor A and B between the two points 1 and 2 there is a temperature difference between the two Will produce electromotive force, which in the loop to form a size of the current, this phenomenon known as the thermoelectric effect. Thermocouple is the use of this effect to work. Thermocouples are one of the most commonly used temperature sensing components in industry. Its advantages are: (1) high precision measurement; (2) a wide range of measurement; (3) simple structure, easy to use.

    Application of New Leakage sensor

    The new leak sensor has a wide range of applications, it is not only widely used in ordinary people's daily life, but also a large number of modern industrial production automation control and production process detection and control system.

    New leak sensor in practical applications should pay attention to the following questions:

    In order to prevent environmental interference, the power supply with the ground between the connection and the value of more than 0.1μF tantalum capacitors;

    Temperature sensor device in the chip, so the chip surface to be measured in close contact with the object; due to the existence of self-power chip, the work of their own temperature rise of about 0.2, so accurate temperature measurement should take low-power mode of work;

    The greater the resistance of the pull-up resistor at the output, the smaller the incoming current, the smaller the temperature rise, but the maximum pull-up resistor can not exceed 30kΩ, usually 10kΩ;

    Although the new leak sensor has many advantages, but in practical applications, due to the use of single-bus data transmission, read and write operation timing requirements strictly. Reasonable application of the new temperature sensor to build the temperature measurement system, with a simple structure of the control, the temperature measurement is high, easy to connect, take the mouth line less, the conversion speed, and the microprocessor interface is simple, to the hardware design work belt To a great convenience, can effectively reduce costs and shorten the development cycle.

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