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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Fingerprint Attendance Machines

- Aug 02, 2017 -

Maintenance and maintenance of fingerprint Attendance Machines
Today we Xiaobian with everyone to talk about fingerprint maintenance machine maintenance methods, maintenance skills;
Fingerprint attendance of the five major maintenance measures:
Fingerprint Attendance Machines in a variety of applications in a lot of companies, then, in the use of the process, will inevitably encounter how to maintain this problem, the following Attendance Machines mall Xiaobian will introduce the fingerprint Attendance Machines is the five major maintenance measures The
      First, choose their own company's Attendance Machines, Attendance Machines has a card Attendance Machines, fingerprint Attendance Machines. Of course, the Attendance Machines Attendance Machines life than the fingerprint Attendance Machines long, because the induction card Attendance Machines is radio frequency, non-contact type, fingerprint machine is contact type, there are wear and tear.
      Second, the Attendance Machines installed in the protective cover, so you can dust, play a protective role.
      Third, do not put on the sun exposure, sun exposure will damage the Attendance Machines LCD screen, so that Attendance Machines shell aging speed.
      Fourth, can not malicious damage fingerprint Attendance Machines, but can not use heavy objects percussion Attendance Machines.
      5, do not fingerprint in the Attendance Machines on the other other may not damage the Attendance Machines equipment.
      Above is the fingerprint Attendance Machines five maintenance measures introduced, I hope everyone in the understanding may be better after the protection of fingerprint Attendance Machines, while a better extension of the Attendance Machines life.
On the fingerprint Attendance Machines has instructions, software manual tutorial, there are instructions to use, there are perfect after-sales service; now card attendance Attendance Machines, there will be on behalf of the punch card phenomenon, statistics are also troublesome, fingerprint Attendance Machines, instead of the induction card Attendance Machines Fingerprints are unique, automatic generation attendance reports, U disk download, USB data cable, TCP / IP network function, WAN cloud Attendance Machines; also have WeChat Attendance Machines, and so on;
Face recognition Attendance Machines and fingerprint Attendance Machines are the types of Attendance Machiness, different identification methods, functional requirements are not the same, face recognition more technology, more upgraded version of the technical algorithm requires a higher, higher machine performance;
Around the friends, the company's friends are often asked, fingerprint Attendance Machines, face recognition Attendance Machines can really crack it?
 Science and technology in constant innovation and development, the product is also constantly upgrading, each company's products are in a single product to a diversified product transformation, technology is also extensive to mature. From the induction card Attendance Machines to the fingerprint Attendance Machines, from the fingerprint Attendance Machines to face recognition Attendance Machines, science and technology are gradually improving the development.
    Induction card Attendance Machines can replace punch card, fingerprint Attendance Machines can replace the punch card? Fingerprint Attendance Machines can break it? Now fingerprint recognition technology in the continuous development of mature, want to crack really is not an easy thing.
   It is precisely because the face recognition Attendance Machines is the use of computer image processing technology from the video to extract the portrait feature points, the use of biostatistics to analyze and establish the face feature template. When the registered person passes through the face recognition machine, it will have a voice prompt "Hello" or the name of the person indicates that the attendance has been successful. So want to crack face recognition Attendance Machines, you say it;
    Since the face recognition Attendance Machines is identified by recognizing the facial features of the world, there are no two identical looks in the world, with a unique, so, want to crack face recognition Attendance Machines, is a more difficult thing! Are you easy to manage, right?

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