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Intelligent Tourism System

- Jan 17, 2017 -

Solution Outline

Accompany you happy travel, fun world

Intelligent travel system is used to solve the problem of tour guides, tourists carrying intelligent guides into the scenic spots or museums, you can easily understand the scenic spots,

And the location of tourists, so that visitors do not lose.

Scheme introduction

Attractions set up beacon equipment, visitors wearing a receiver (ie, intelligent guides),

When the tour guide to arrive at a scenic spot is that the intelligent guide to receive the beacon signal, the intelligent guide to automatically play the scenic spots introduction.

And the real return guide position, make security incidents do not occur.

Use objects and scenes

The main purpose of this package is the travel company or famous tourist attractions;

Common scene:

1 every time visitors do not keep up, miss the explanation;

2 every visitor will themselves, the rhythm is not the same, the tour guide is a headache;

3 visitors without discipline, random walk, walk, especially in the wild.

4 for the self-help tourists, but also the location of the next scenic spots.


Wisdom tourism platform for your worries!

Meaning and value

To provide a full range of services for tourism companies, tour guides just look at the phone will be able to know the location of tourists, without fear of accidents. Guide is not required to be more professional,

Intelligent guide to get everything. Scenic area is not worried about the safety of tourists, the wisdom of the tour guide tracking.


Function description

Function introduction

Wisdom tourism platform, the following major features:

1 attractions to explain

When visitors arrive at the scenic spots, the author explains the content of the scenic spots.

2 visitor orientation

Real time positioning of tourist location information to avoid accidents

3 scenic intelligent navigation

Visitors can explain according to the instructions, the direction of the next scenic spots

4 smart headphones

Can be used as a smart Bluetooth headset connected with a mobile phone, answer the phone, and listen to music, without switching.

Program features

1 advanced technology: Based on the latest BLE technology, leading the industry.

2 fast implementation: solution components, soft and hard wireless combination, no wiring, rapid deployment

3 experience better: visitors enjoy personalized one to one service, enhance the image of the scenic spots

4 low energy consumption: a battery that is sustainable power supply for 1 years, in line with the "energy saving and environmental protection" concept.

5 configuration 6 Mandarin sound, no need to worry about overseas visitors can not use

System composition

Intelligent travel system consists of application software APP and hardware system;

1 users can download the www.tvlinker.com on the APP, install it on their own, and do the registration in accordance with the instructions.

2 Smart travel system composed of Dusun beacon and explain


System advantage

Innovative business model, a one-time investment in equipment, low cost, the latter in order to lease the model, can increase the source of income for scenic spots and tourist attractions.

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