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Intelligent Sensor

- Apr 09, 2016 -

Smart sensors are sensors with information processing, with microprocessor, has the ability of collecting, processing and exchange of information, is the combination of sensor and microprocessor product. Like many smart grid and smart system, not a separate entity, but a product of the interaction of many equipment and technology. In the front line of monitoring sensor device is small, but absolutely essential. In the development of the smart grid, using conventional sensors cannot for certain electrical products of quality, fault location, quick online monitoring and direct measurement. With intelligent sensors can be directly measured, on product quality index, as well as the failure of measure (such as temperature, pressure, flow). For example, in order to meet the demand for smart grid development in China optical current sensor system, realized the line current sensing system of digital closed-loop control, with high stability and linearity, sensitivity, and meet the requirement of high precision measurement of large-scope

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