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How To Use The Universal TV Remote Control?

- Sep 04, 2017 -

How to use the universal TV remote control?

A. input code method

Step 1: from the code table, find the three digit code for the TV that represents the remote control you want to control.

The second step: first press and hold the settings button, then press the power button, then release the two button, at this time, the work indicator light is on.

The third step: enter your found three digit code, a digital input, flashing lights, three bit digital input after work, ordered the lights off, set up, you can use the remote control your tv.

B. automatic search code method

Step 1: manually turn on the power switch for the TV set that you want to remotely control, so that the TV is in a program state.

The second step: the remote control is facing the TV, press and hold the "Settings" button, then press the "power" button, and then release the two button, at this time, the work indicator light is on.

The third step: press the volume on the remote control ("+" or "-" button), and pay attention to whether the volume on the TV to increase (or decrease), repeat this operation until the TV volume on the increase (or decrease), stop the operation, and then click "Settings" button at this time, the work indicator lights, set up.

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