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How To Install Smart Attendance Machines

- Oct 24, 2017 -

How to install Smart Attendance Machines
Smart Attendance Machines installation is a relatively simple thing, but the operation is still a certain degree of difficulty, the most critical is to master the relevant skills and methods, only after mastering the smart attendance machine can be successfully completed, today let small The first is to install the location of the choice, you need to ensure that a dry and ventilated environment in the surrounding installation, do not be installed in a humid environment, to know that this is a Electronic equipment, if the installation of the situation is too wet, then it is easy to lead to damage to the internal lines, only the dry environment can be better used. The second is to pay attention to the problem of line connection, need to meet a Power requirements of the case of installation, Smart Attendance Machines voltage requirements are 220 volts of normal current, must not be installed in the industrial voltage, or will lead to damage in the connection line must be arranged when the line and fixed At the foot, so as to avoid the problem of moving to the emergence of Smart Attendance Machines installation is completed after the need to set the above And information members are entered.
Fingerprint Smart Attendance Machines is mainly used to record the number of days to work staff travel time, and now basically the company which is needed to use, in the use of the time may not be successful card punch, the cause of this situation in the end what is the The first reason is due to finger fingerprints are polished, it is recommended that you replace a finger fingerprint, choose a better pattern of fingerprints to collect, so that you can successfully punch card , The timely solution can not punch the problem.The second reason is due to the use of a long time, the collection head appeared unclean problem, it is recommended that you fingerprint smart attendance collection head for cleaning, the best way to clean is to use The third reason is due to internal damage caused by the chip, the problem will need to contact the professional maintenance personnel to replace the deal, only after the replacement can be used. The above is not successfully punching the card. Reason, we can be handled according to the reasons, you can successfully repair the smart attendance machine, so that employees You can successfully use the punch.
With the development of the times, now choose to use Smart Attendance Machines business is more and more, Smart Attendance Machines is also constantly evolving, the development has been four types, in order to let everyone can better buy , Today Xiaobian will be on the four types of one by one, we can choose according to their own needs.The first is a mechanical punch card machine, this type of card is mainly card, inside the technical content is relatively low , But in the use of statistical capacity is not very strong, is the most traditional way to punch, and now is not used. The second is a fingerprint Smart Attendance Machines, this type is mainly by the fingerprints of each employee to identify, Because each person's fingerprint is not the same, so the effect after punching is very good, you can successfully punch card success. The third is the face recognition Smart Attendance Machines, this machine is convenient and accurate, mainly through the face to the staff Is the record, is used to record the staff of the punch card attendance is very good.The fourth is the eye rain Smart Attendance Machines, this type is mainly through the people's eyes to identify, identify speed Relatively fast, but in the country has not yet used up, because the price is more expensive.
Now the most widely used on the market is a type of fingerprint Smart Attendance Machines, this type of operation is more convenient, mainly by recording the fingerprints of employees to identify, you can avoid the phenomenon of staff on behalf of the card. We are in the purchase of fingerprint intelligence Attendance machine must pay attention to some of the problems, not only after the attention to the purchase of the appropriate models.First is the function, fingerprint Smart Attendance Machines is not only used to punch, but also need to receive data, only received To the data before the staff can attend the calculation of the number of attendance, we must pay attention to the function, and some fingerprint Smart Attendance Machines is necessary to connect the computer can be transmitted, this type of operation is very difficult, should choose a self Transmission and delivery, so as to reduce their own difficulty.The second is to pay attention to the fingerprint Smart Attendance Machines manufacturer's after-sales service, because it is a high-precision machines, so the use of the process often have some problems, Only high-quality after-sales service can be timely to help their own solution, to avoid problems caused by the trouble after the things that happen The service can solve the problem in time.

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