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How Does POS Link WiFi?

- Sep 01, 2018 -

1, cable version: you must insert cable broadband to connect to the Internet without using wireless WIFI.

2. Mobile version: It is necessary to remove the back cover and insert the flow chips before it can be used on the Internet, and wireless WIFI can not be used.

WIFI is unavailable because there is no wireless module in the machine itself, and so far most POS machines are connected to the Internet through traffic cards and wired broadband, very few are connected to telephone lines (very old ones). There are indeed machines that can connect to WIFI, but very few.

POS (Point of Sales) means "point of sale" in Chinese. It is called the point of sale information management system. It is a terminal reader equipped with bar code or OCR code technology. It has the function of cash or barter quota cashier. Its main task is to provide data services and management functions for commodity and media transactions, and non-cash settlement.

POS is a multi-functional terminal, which is installed in the credit card dealer and acceptance network with the computer, it can achieve automatic transfer of electronic funds, it has support for consumption, pre-authorization, balance query and transfer functions, safe, fast and reliable use. It is difficult to obtain basic business information in bulk transactions. The introduction of POS system is mainly to solve the blind spot of retail information management. Chain store management information system is an important part.

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