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History Of Attendance Machine

- Aug 23, 2018 -

The first generation of slot-card attendance machines, which gradually replaced manual attendance recording in the 1970s, regularly punched holes in a metal card and then used light sensors and projectors to distinguish the number of people, 8086 processors or 80286 processors. But the sheet metal is easily deformed, resulting in identification errors. In addition to the resolution limit, this attendance machine is not widely used in coal mines with thousands of people.

The second generation is a bar code attendance machine, which uses optical principle to project a bar code image in the light column of the miner's lamp. Workers can attend the work by illuminating a special attendance probe with the miner's lamp before they go down the well. This way is convenient and quick. The earliest attendance machine in our country is such a attendance machine. But after all, the mine lamp is a kind of equipment that often works in harsh environment, so frequent maintenance, projection aliasing is a difficult problem.

The third generation is magnetic card attendance machine, now the most common attendance machine, such as coal miners down the well swipe card on the well swipe card has become a habit of everyone

The fourth generation is a biometric attendance machine, which uses human biological characteristics to identify. This kind of attendance machine is very convenient and can prevent card substitution and improve the management system as long as a person's finger, hand support, face placed on or facing the reading head.

The fifth generation is a camera attendance machine and a photographic attendance machine, which effectively solves the restrictions of biometric identification on the environment and users. The combination of smart card management and manual management can effectively adapt to factories, industrial and mining enterprises and other environments. It is the most widely used type nowadays.

The Sixth Generation Smart Cloud Attendance Machine is seamlessly connected with mobile Internet applications such as Weixin. It can manage attendance through mobile devices such as mobile phones, punch in attendance cards, query attendance records, report on attendance statistics, and ask for leave and overtime through attendance machines.

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