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Grain Warehouse Storage Is Used On The Temperature Sensor

- Sep 25, 2017 -

Grain warehouse storage is used on the Temperature Sensor
Today and we are talking about the Temperature Sensor in the warehouse storage applications, of course, this does not include the small series of the warehouse. We know that some storage of food, feed, precision instruments and even medical supplies warehouse on the temperature and humidity requirements are more accurate, so the temperature and humidity control technology requirements are relatively high. Application of Temperature Sensors to achieve the purpose of precise adjustment of temperature and humidity has now been very wide.
Large modern granaries have been used in wireless Temperature Sensors. After all, the ordinary temperature and humidity measuring instrument can not meet the requirements of large granary capacity is great, the general Temperature Sensor intelligent induction to the outer temperature and humidity, if you want to measure the inner temperature and humidity, often there will be a lot of problems on the wiring , And the operation is very inconvenient to use.
The use of wireless Temperature Sensor, you can save these troubles, compared to the use of ordinary Temperature Sensor, still need a lot of manual operation, wireless Temperature Sensor can save a lot of manpower, not better than always check, connected with the ventilation facilities, When the wireless Temperature Sensor senses the temperature and humidity parameters beyond the threshold, it will automatically start the corresponding ventilation facilities, cooling dehumidification. For large-scale warehouses, only a small amount of staff, you can always check the warehouse to the various locations of the temperature and humidity conditions.
Temperature Sensor failure, the impact of the whole body of the impact of the body may lead to the entire device can not be used normally. We all know that many of the faults on the car can be reflected in the small icon on the dashboard, the fault light is on, it means that a sensor is working, think about if the sensor fails, then the car failure is not Will be projected onto the dashboard, we do not know the car problems, continue to travel, then it is very dangerous. So it is particularly important to check whether the sensor can work properly. Xiaobian today to share with you is the car on the Temperature Sensor fault detection method.
First, multimeter to detect coolant Temperature Sensor method.
First of all, we know that the temperature value of the coolant Temperature Sensor is inversely proportional to the level of temperature. Turn off the ignition switch, remove the sensor connector, use the car dedicated multimeter Rx1 block, test the resistance of the two terminals of the sensor. Numerical reference to specific models.
You can also remove the sensor, with hot water for multimeter measurement, the same principle.
Second, the coolant Temperature Sensor output signal voltage check.
Install the coolant Temperature Sensor and insert the sensor connector. When the ignition switch is placed in the ON position, measure the output voltage between the connector "THW" terminal (Toyota truck) or the ECU connector "THW" terminal and E2 in Figure 1. The measured voltage should be inversely proportional to the temperature of the coolant. Remove the coolant Temperature Sensor harness connector, turn on the ignition switch, measure the cooling Temperature Sensor supply voltage should be 5V.
Third, the coolant Temperature Sensor and ECU connection line resistance check.
Measure the resistance value of the two-wire connection between the coolant Temperature Sensor and the ECU (the resistance value between the sensor signal terminal and the ground terminal and the corresponding terminal of the corresponding ECU), and the line should be turned on. If the line is not conducting or the resistance value is greater than the specified value, then the sensor harness break or connector connector bad contact, should be further checked or replaced.

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