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Function Of Fingerprint Attendance Machine

- Aug 23, 2018 -

Function of fingerprint attendance machine

1. Normal attendance management: automatic statistics of late and early departure, provide statistics of the number of late and early departure, and the length of time.

2. Abnormal attendance management: providing abnormal attendance management functions such as business trip, field service, work-related injury, absence from work, midway trip, etc.

3. Overtime management: provide registration overtime, continuous overtime and other functions, automatic statistics of normal overtime, weekly overtime, holidays overtime time time length.

4, provide a complete attendance report:

A, Attendance Summary Details: Statistics of individual items, such as late, early leave, absenteeism, leave, travel, travel, peacetime overtime, weekly overtime, holiday overtime, actual attendance, attendance, etc., the statement is mainly used to calculate salaries.

B, attendance chart: use symbols to show everyone's attendance every month. The daily attendance of each employee is clear at the table.

C, attendance daily report and monthly report abnormal report. Through this report, you can see the specific attendance of each employee every day.

D, overtime schedule: this table shows the length of overtime work per person per day.

It begins with several points and ends. Statistics can be made for any time period, and do not have to be counted. One must start from 1 every month.  At the same time, the results of monthly statistics can be aggregated and counted, and annual statistics can be achieved. Attendance checking machine also has the function of entrance guard, as long as it is equipped with our professional power supply and plug-in locks can be achieved, employees go to work every day. The first time is recognized as attendance records, halfway trip is recorded as an outgoing record, can check the entry and exit records at any time and anywhere, and can be printed out for record.

In addition, you can also choose the amount of attendance machine according to the actual situation, these attendance machines can work between the network can also work offline, to view attendance records when connected to the computer.

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