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Fault Analysis Of Three Common Situations Of Leakage Sensor

- Jul 03, 2017 -

Fault analysis of three common situations of Leakage sensor

1. How long will it take to calibrate the leak sensor?

Initial alignment and then the calibration interval length depends on many factors, usually includes the use of sensor temperature, humidity, pressure, were exposed to the gas, and the length of time were exposed to air. But most products provide very stable signals over a long period of time, and the Leakage sensor needs to be calibrated only periodically, once a year. Calibration work may need to be relatively frequent if the use of sensors is extremely high or is used for safety applications.

The temperature of the gas itself is different from the temperature of the sensor.

The temperature of the sensor itself determines its minimum display current, and the temperature of the measured gas sample has a certain effect on it. The rate at which the gas molecules enter the sensing electrode through a fine hole determines the sensor's signal. The sensitivity of the sensor may be affected if the temperature of the diffused gas in the pores is different from the temperature in the sensor. Slight drift or transient current changes may occur before the device is set up.

3. Whether the Leakage sensor can be continuously exposed to the target gas

The gas sensor can continuously monitor the target gas, which is generally not suitable for continuous monitoring, especially when it involves high gas concentration, high humidity or high temperature.

In order to reach the goal of continuous monitoring, and sometimes you can use two (or three) sensor recycling method, make each sensor in half the time only at most exposed to the gas, the other half of the time can be restored in the fresh air.

Leakage sensors will make full use of the micro mechanical and microelectronics technology, computer technology, signal processing technology, sensor technology, fault diagnosis technology and intelligent technology was developed on the basis of the multidisciplinary integrated technology. It is an important research direction in this field to develop a fully automatic digital intelligent Leakage sensor capable of monitoring multiple gases simultaneously.

Leakage sensor is composed of detector and alarm control host, widely used in petroleum, gas, chemical industry, oil depot with toxic gas such as petrochemical industry, used to detect leakage, indoor and outdoor dangerous sites is an important equipment to ensure production and personal safety. When measured place existence of poisonous gas, gas detector will signal into a voltage or current signals to the alarm instrument, the instrument shows that the percentage of the toxic gas explosion lower limit density. When the concentration of the toxic gas exceeds the alarm set value, the alarm signal of the sound and light is taken, and the duty personnel take the safety measures in time to avoid the occurrence of the fire explosion.

Many industrial production, can produce all kinds of poisonous gas, slightly do not pay attention to is poisoning, especially the flammable toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, air is mixture concentration reaches a certain value, the Mars would explode, the existence of the toxic gas, we are inevitable, but can prevent, as long as we can in time found that the presence of toxic gases and concentration, and take measures, we can avoid the happening of the risk, reduce loss to the greatest extent.

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