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Environmental Detection Sensor The Market Surging

- Jun 08, 2017 -

Environmental Detection Sensor The market surging
Environmental inspection sensors generally refer to temperature / humidity sensors, gas sensors, light sensors and water quality sensors and so on. With the rise of the market of smart city, intelligent home, Internet of things and wearable electronic products in recent years, environmental testing sensors have been paid more and more attention. The application field and market scale have been expanding. Some large manufacturers have joined the market. Competition comes According to market research firm BCCResearch statistical report pointed out that in 2014 the global sensor market is expected to reach 79.5 billion US dollars, 2019 is expected to reach 116.6 billion US dollars, the compound annual growth rate of up to 7.9%, and environmental monitoring and other areas of innovation will become New hot spots, is expected in the future to create more market demand.
"In the past, people in the understanding of the environment, the sensor is only an auxiliary function of electronic equipment," SENSIRION wholly-owned subsidiary Sheng Si Rui Trade (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Jinhua said, "But now, the environmental testing of the commercial value of the sensor more and more More and more attention, more accurate environmental testing sensor products have been welcomed, people began to be willing to have a higher level of intelligence for electronic products 'pay.' "SENSIRION is a high-quality environmental testing sensors, gas and liquid flowmeter and Flow controller developed by the Swiss professional manufacturers, is also the first chip-level package of environmental testing sensor manufacturers.
Environmental Detection Sensor Using a combination of sensitive components and signal processing circuitry on the same semiconductor chip, SENSIRION's capacitive environmental sensor provides accurate and reliable measurement of the required physical quantities to provide a fully calibrated digital signal output without additional calibration Can be easily integrated. At the same time, the chip also adds self-test, low power mode, linearization, digitization and temperature compensation several functions, and further reduce the size of the sensor, reducing product costs, so that users can get a good price at a lower price Product reliability and quality assurance. Among them, the humidity sensor is SENSIRION a core product, can provide different packaging digital humidity sensor, including SMD (SHT1x series), pin type (SHT7x series) and the new DFN type (SHT2x series and SHTC1). SHT1x and SHT2x are reflow soldering processes, and pin-type humidity sensors are suitable for devices that require flexible integration or replacement of components. These three series can also be subdivided according to different humidity accuracy.

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