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Door Window Sensor Electronic Measurement And Control System

- May 15, 2017 -

 Door Window Sensor The company is a professional engaged in sensors, transmitters, instrumentation, doors and windows sensor industrial control system, textile special equipment research and development, production and sales of high-tech companies.

     Door Window Sensor Enterprise is located in the G6 Beijing-Tibet high-speed (the original capital of Badaling high-speed) highway side, west Zhongguancun Shangdi Information Industry Park, east of North New Technology Park, north of Zhongguancun International Pioneering Park. Part of the talent from the research institute senior engineer, has a good production environment and excellent talent advantage. Strong technical force, well-equipped, advanced technology, including the introduction of advanced technology force sensor advanced technology. After several development, so far has formed a tension, pull pressure, weighing, torque, pressure, level, displacement, grating sensors, transmitters, display control instruments, industrial control systems and other applications full set of production lines. Patented product YG029Z single yarn strength meter, ZK200 electronic balance has been popular in the textile industry applications.

       Door Window Sensor For each of the electronic measurement and control systems, whether direct or complex applications, from a single sensor or face the production process control line, the company can provide excellent technical services. Products widely used in communications, textile electronics, heavy machinery, energy environmental protection, health care, scientific research and education, transportation, building materials, military equipment and other fields of automation engineering testing and process control, won the support and trust of users.

       The company is pursuing: quality first, the credibility of the first, the user first, is your ideal partner!

     Door Window Sensor The company is a high-tech industrial automation and control enterprises, franchise imports of mechanical and electrical products, doors and windows sensors set Branch, workers, trade in one, by the Shanghai Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau, the Internal Revenue Service, Shanghai Customs, SAFE approved formal enterprises, import and export Right, based in Shanghai, radiation global. To provide enterprises with the production process automation, design, installation, door and window sensor debugging, non-standard PLC control cabinet, frequency conversion cabinet processing, on-site technical services and automation engineering project transformation. At the same time agents imported encoder, safety barrier, sensors, encoder coupling, motor reducer, cylinder, solenoid valve, valve positioner, programmable controller (PLC), inverter and other automation products.

Companies and many international brands have many years of cooperation, respectively, in Germany, the United States, Italy has a long-term partners. In order to meet the different needs of customers, our company introduced foreign advanced technology, products are widely used in packaging machinery, metallurgical machinery. Chemical machinery, machine tools, elevators, textiles, tobacco, printing, paper, lifting, steel, electricity and other industries.

    Door Window Sensor The company was founded in 2009, always to create the user value as the goal, all the way business innovation, after the brand strategy, diversified development strategy, international strategy, global brand strategy four stages of development, 2014 into the fifth stage of development - Network strategy stage, technetium has now developed into the global green industry safety first vendor.

The company's vision and mission is committed to becoming the industry-leading, user preferred first-of-its-kind industrial safety production solution service provider. In order to build a network of closed-loop dynamic network organization, external, to build an open platform, a global leader in industrial control and electricity industry regulators, the whole process of users Experience the virtual reality network integration leader, to create the Internet era of world-class brand.

That is, innovation, its connotation is: to create a first-class talent generation mechanism and platform, which continue to create value for customers, and then form a single win-win culture. At the same time, technetium with "no success of the enterprise, only the era of business" concept, is committed to building the Everlasting century enterprise, a business can go far, depending on the enterprise's own values, which is corporate strategy landing, The cornerstone of resistance to temptation

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