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Common Problems Of Attendance Machine

- Aug 23, 2018 -

Many customers do not know how to use the attendance machine after buying back, or in the process of using fingerprint attendance machine encountered some problems do not know how to solve, will use the attendance system in the process of some common problems listed, hoping to play a role in throwing a brick to attract jade.

1, attendance machine can not communicate with the computer?

Answer: First check whether the COM port and the network interface are connected, then check the attendance machine settings: press "MENU" in "Settings" "System Settings"

Check the number of the attendance machine (default is 1) and the baud rate (default 38400). View computer and software settings: computer COM1 port wave

Special rate (default 38400). See software help for software settings.

2, what is the reason for the whistle sound of "whistle" when connecting to the attendance machine?

Answer: If the above phenomena occur when using RS-232 communication, the baud rate of the computer is not consistent with the baud rate setting of the attendance machine.

(2) If RS-485 is used for communication, it may be that the two lines of the converter communication line are connected inversely, or the two lines are glued together.

3, after the attendance machine is opened, it has been repeatedly shown "please press (leave) fingers". What is the problem? How should we solve this problem?

A: the reason for this problem may be:

(1) Over a long period of time, the surface of the head becomes unclean or scratched, which may lead to the head being mistaken for having a finger on the surface and not passing through.

So this problem arises. In this case, sticky tape can be used to paste the dirt on the surface of the collecting head.

(2) the connection of the fingerprint collecting head is loosened or loosened.

The motherboard chip is broken.

If there are two reasons for item 2 and 3, you need to contact the supplier to apply for a warranty.

4, some user fingerprint attendance can not be verified through, how to solve this problem?

Answer: Some of the following situations may result in some employees having difficulty using or not being able to use fingerprints for attendance:

(1) fingerprints on some fingers have been smoothed out.

(2) there are too many wrinkles on the fingers.

(3) severe desquamation on fingers.

A user who can not identify the fingerprint can delete the fingerprint and re register or register another finger.

When registering fingerprints, this user needs to choose a fingerprint with better quality (less wrinkles, no skin, clear fingerprints), and try to make the finger as clear as possible.

Contact the fingerprint collection head area is larger, after the registration is completed, do a comparison test, and recommend to register a few more backup fingers.

5, how to clear the attendance machine administrator?

Answer: Can use attendance machine and computer communication, communication is successful, enter the attendance machine management tab, click the Clear Administrator button, you can clear the attendance machine administrator, disconnected, you can enter the attendance machine menu mode.

6. In the sun or outdoor use of fingerprint attendance machine, what will happen, how to prevent?

Answer: The working temperature of the attendance machine is 0oC ~ 60oC, but if it is used in sunlight or outdoor for a long time, the fingerprint instrument will be affected, the reaction may be slowed down, and the passing rate will be reduced. If the user's attendance machine is installed in such an environment, you can cover the attendance machine with a sun umbrella to prevent, or move the attendance machine to indoor use.

7, if the user's fingers appear to be someone else's work number, how to explain it?

Answer: The recognition rate of fingerprint identification is less than 0.0001%, so the probability of this phenomenon is very small. If this happens, it may be because the employee who has the wrong number has too few fingerprint features registered, or the quality of fingerprint registration is poor, the fingerprint that often appears the wrong number should be deleted and the other finger should be re-registered.

8. When the attendance machine is connected to the power supply, it can not boot. What is the problem and how to solve it?

Answer: the reason for failure to start is: (1) the power cord is broken. Please replace a good power cord at this time. 2. Loose connection of power supply.  Please tighten the power cord and turn on. (3) the power board has broken down; If there are two reasons for item 3 and 4. Please contact the supplier to replace the new power board or motherboard.

9. When the attendance machine is connected to the power supply, it can not boot. What is the problem and how to solve it?

Answer: maybe the reason is that the motherboard is bad. At this point, we need to contact the supplier to replace the motherboard or LCD.

10. How far can the communication distance of the attendance machine use the RS-485 converter?

Answer: 1200 meters, and add relay amplifier to extend communication distance.

11, the fingerprint record on the attendance machine is lost. How to solve it?

Answer: it is not possible to lose itself. It may be that the fingerprint information is deleted by mistake.

Attendance machines have basically eliminated paper punching equipment, basically using RFID technology to achieve. Generally use ID card, also use 13.56M non-contact IC card, and a few use fingerprint attendance.

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