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China 's Environmental Detection Sensor Market Size And Growth Forecast

- Jun 26, 2017 -

China 's Environmental Detection Sensor market size and growth forecast
An industrial environmental detection sensor capable of measuring or sensing the state and variation of a particular object and converting it into a transportable, disposable, storeable electronic signal or other form of information that is an industrial process for automatic detection and automatic control of industrial processes The first step. According to experts predict that in 2020, the national Environmental Detection Sensor market size will reach 30.8 billion yuan.
 In the industrial automatic control system, the environmental detection sensor is in front of the system, its role is equivalent to the system "receptor", can quickly and accurately obtain information and can withstand the harsh environment of the test, the automatic control system to achieve a high level of assurance. Such as the lack of Environmental Detection Sensors on the information accurate and reliable automatic detection, system information processing, control and decision-making functions can not be achieved.
In the new industrial economic environment, the structural evolution and adjustment of the industrial sector is becoming a new driving force for economic growth. Especially after the concept of "industry 4.0" is proposed by Germany as a representative of advanced manufacturing industry, "intelligent industry" and "intelligent production ", Is now driving the transformation and upgrading of the industry is an important driving force, and information technology and sensing technology, it is an important fulcrum of industrial intelligence. It is foreseeable that, in the future, as an important pillar of modern information technology, Environmental Detection Sensor technology, has become the industrial field in the development of high technology for a commanding point.
According to the survey data show that in 2015, the Environmental Detection Sensor market size reached 16.07 billion yuan. With the further realization of intelligent industry, the application of Environmental Detection Sensors will gradually increase, is expected by 2020, the national Environmental Detection Sensor market size will reach 30.8 billion yuan.
 2011 to 2020, the traditional Environmental Detection Sensors in the industrial field there are some limitations: the bus connected to the environmental testing of high cost of the sensor, the environmental testing of the cost of the sensor network; difficult to close in the human difficult to deploy difficult areas; different Type of Environmental Detection Sensors and control systems between the hardware and software agreement is difficult to compatibility.
In this context, with the wireless environment detection sensor network technology development and maturity, Shenzhen Xin Li wireless technology to detect sensor network products, such as intelligent gateways, intelligent environment detection sensors, intelligent converters and intelligent monitoring and control devices, intelligent environment monitoring device Began to rely on the layout of convenient, low cost of its own unique advantages, and gradually infiltrated into all aspects of the industrial sector, as the emerging hot spots in the market, in some areas of the traditional cable environment detection sensor to form a certain replacement, and the proportion of substitution is on the rise.

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