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Application Analysis Of Environmental Detection Sensor In Various Fields

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Application analysis of Environmental Detection Sensor in various fields

The Environmental Detection Sensor is a kind of gas sensor, which mainly tests the carbon dioxide gas concentration. Environmental monitoring sensors are widely used in industry, animal husbandry, agriculture and public places. Here is a brief introduction:

1. Industry. Environmental Detection Sensors are widely used in industry, such as waste water treatment and safe production, especially in the case of underground operation. Environmental Detection Sensors are also widely used in industries such as metal processing, pulp and paper, cleaning and solvent extraction, and low-temperature cleaning.

Livestock. The air quality of animal farm animals is related to the healthy growth of animals. If animals live long in the air, the concentration of carbon dioxide and the lack of ventilation can lead to animal disease or the outbreak of disease. The environment detection sensor can be installed in the barn to monitor and warn the concentration of carbon dioxide at any time, so as to remind the ventilation and so on, which is conducive to the healthy growth of animals.

Agriculture. Carbon dioxide is associated with plant photosynthesis, and therefore the yield of plants. Proper concentration of air fertilizer can increase the yield of agricultural crops. Detection sensor applied in the agricultural environment, when carbon dioxide concentrations less than, can remind air fertilizer use, both for vegetables to grow plants or vegetables production, have very big help, greenhouse cultivation many years have been equipped with Environmental Detection Sensor to detect greenhouses in the concentration of carbon dioxide.

4, public places. Crowded places, such as office building, meeting room, classroom, hotel, hospital, shopping malls, exhibition halls, bars, hotels, airports, railway stations, recreation, theaters and other places, you can install environment detection sensor for risk control system and the environmental quality monitoring, beneficial to human's physical and mental health.

Now, Environmental Detection Sensors have been integrated into all aspects of our lives, and as humans become more aware of environmental awareness, its application scope will be further expanded.

The house wall USES a set of bearing, environmental protection and heat preservation in the integration of new materials, wall was full of collecting data of sensors, the roof skylight glass film can convert solar energy into electrical energy, hidden in the underground sewage pipes introduces sewage in regional ecological processing pool, after biological treatment cycle back to life again.

The house under the ground 3 m laid a long pipeline, the natural temperature of summer the pipe is about 20 degrees Celsius, hot air into the pipe after natural cooling after dehumidification again back to the room, air circulation. In winter, cold air enters the underground pipeline, heating it with a high-heat fuel made from a hybrid in the basement of the house, and sending warm air back to the room after being dehumidified.

Monitoring indoor Environmental Detection Sensor, PM2.5 sensors, humidity sensors and temperature sensors will monitor indoor data changes in real time and transmit data to the monitor. According to the data change, the smart home system will realize the automatic adjustment of indoor energy consumption.

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