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Advantages Of Attendance Recognition Class

- Aug 23, 2018 -

Both fingerprint attendance machine anti-card function and induction attendance machine stable and fast, but also with all attendance machines do not have video surveillance and anti-theft alarm function.

Introduction of the main points

Anti-substitution card, stable and reliable: in the Anti-substitution card, the user will generally feel too troublesome by manual comparison. This suggestion can be explained from the following aspects: 1. Quick comparison function of the attendance background software can display hundreds of photos of the same person's attendance records in a narrow way in the visual range of the human eye, so it can compare hundreds of card-punching records once in a few seconds. For a 100-person enterprise, A month's card-punching records can be compared in more than 10 minutes by a manager, and the actual comparison does not need to compare all the personnel, only some of the personnel may violate attendance discipline can be compared to achieve management purposes, so the actual comparison takes less time. Because the background comparison method is adopted, it does not affect the speed of the card punching at the front desk. The fingerprint attendance machine uses foreground comparison, although it does not need to spend time in the background, but the foreground comparison results in slow attendance, the overall time will be much longer than the camera attendance machine. 2. Because the fingerprint attendance machine needs to store the fingerprint information of the employees in advance, the management personnel must update the files immediately when the staff is moving frequently, otherwise the attendance can not be checked, and the fingerprint attendance machine is vulnerable to the external environment, and abnormal phenomena often occur, which need to be solved by the management personnel, and these incidents occur. Uncertainty, this will greatly reduce management efficiency, and the camera attendance machine is shooting, not subject to changes in personnel and external environmental impact, and background management can be centralized, so management efficiency is higher. 3. For labor-intensive factories, although it takes a certain amount of time to compare, fingerprint attendance machines are not suitable for such enterprises because of their high requirements for the environment and the quality of employees, and they are easy to be damaged. For enterprises with a small number of people, camera attendance machines have less information.

Video monitoring function: Fingerprint attendance machine can only judge the card, and the camera attendance machine can also monitor whether the staff wearing instruments and other aspects of compliance with the norms. Ordinary attendance machines can only monitor whether employees are on duty according to the regulations, but can not judge the phenomenon of inadequate posts, and video surveillance function of camera attendance machines can effectively monitor whether employees are in place. Video surveillance function can also be used to effectively monitor the absence of the person in charge, whether employees have violations of discipline, for emergencies can also be used as a basis for post-mortem analysis. Camera attendance machines have intelligent judgment of the image, only when the image changes significantly before recording, so that video recording time can be very long, without real-time acquisition.

Real-time remote monitoring and video recording function: This is the unique selling point of click-on network camera attendance machine. This function is similar to closed-circuit monitoring. Although the image of closed-circuit monitoring is not so coherent, it has basically achieved the effect of monitoring. Closed-circuit monitoring has a large investment, needs wiring and independent monitoring room, and click-on network camera attendance machine is not available. Specialized wiring is required to make direct use of the existing local area network of the enterprise, and any computer connected to the network can monitor any network attendance machine in the same network segment, and can be recorded and stored without any additional investment.

Anti-theft alarm function: video analysis is used to capture image changes, when the image changes, remote control to start the alarm device, while recording the image, can distinguish blackouts and small animals, low false alarm rate. The products with this function in the market are worth several thousand yuan.

Summary of Advantages: In fact, the purpose of management itself is to avoid errors, is preventive, even if the above characteristics are not feasible, but the use of video cameras attendance camera means, has been able to produce sufficient deterrence, can greatly reduce the occurrence of disciplinary incidents, and users do not need to spend a lot of money for this. Can give users a practical example: ordinary attendance machines, generally will be malicious damage by employees, especially fingerprint attendance machines, damage rate is very high, and camera attendance machines have not yet found a case of man-made damage, indicating that its deterrent power is great. (This example can play a double-shot role, indirectly deduced that the camera attendance machine reliability is high, not easily damaged by man-made.)

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