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A Digital Environmental Detection Sensor With Color And Measurement Performance

- Sep 13, 2017 -

A digital environmental detection sensor with color and measurement performance
Digital Environmental Detection Sensor, as the name suggests can be directly read the digital Environmental Detection Sensor. Through the temperature sensor and the corresponding circuit to the physical temperature of the object into a convenient computer, pic, intelligent instruments and other data acquisition equipment can directly read the digital equipment. Usually this type of sensor is integrated temperature and humidity as a whole is the temperature and humidity sensor. Color measurement and measurement is the digital environmental Detection Sensor of the two performance, the following we briefly introduce these two performance.
Digital Environmental Detection Sensor in the use of noise is relatively difficult to use. The coupling of the noise to the sensor circuit results in an error in the measured value of the sensor, and even the noise environment can be completely submerged in temperature measurement, resulting in no value in the measured value. Through the study of the photoelectric conversion characteristics of silicon photovoltaic cells with the law of temperature changes, the design of the use of digital environmental Detection SensorDSl8820 a V-T curve control compensation method, the color measurement system to the appropriate voltage compensation to make it better Performance. Use the digital Environmental Detection Sensor to track the real-time temperature, analyze the linear relationship between the temperature and the measured voltage, obtain the temperature compensation coefficient, and compensate the color measurement system by software. When the Environmental Detection Sensor is introduced, the chromatic aberration AE of the colorimetric system is less than 0.15. This result is fully compliant with the requirements, and is practical in practical applications.
In the daily production activities we are exposed to the infrared Environmental Detection Sensor is usually two, one is a monochrome infrared Environmental Detection Sensor, the other is a two-color infrared environmental detection sensor, usually used in power production activities or important equipment temperature Monitoring environment. When we work, there is a monitoring range, we call it the sensor field of view, usually we recommend that the measured target size exceeds 50% of the field size is better, if less than this value, the sensor detection The temperature is easy to mix into the background radiation energy, resulting in misreading, the value is not accurate.
And the two-color infrared Environmental Detection Sensor at work will not appear this problem. It is determined by the ratio of the radiated energy of two independent wavelength bands. So when the measured target is very small, not filled with the scene, the measurement path on the existence of smoke, dust, blocking the radiation energy attenuation, will not have an impact on the measurement results, and some even in the case of energy attenuation of 95% Still can guarantee the required temperature accuracy. So that the two-color infrared Environmental Detection Sensor measurement accuracy is higher, suitable for measuring the target small, unstable environment.
In 2013, with the help of Shandong Province, the application of agricultural science and technology demonstration project construction demonstration counties, Environmental Detection Sensor technology was also used in agricultural production experiments, monitoring and control the best conditions for crop growth, to increase production and improve economic efficiency the goal of.
It is envisaged that in the future, install the chip type Environmental Detection Sensor, humidity sensor, PH value sensor, light sensor, CO2 sensor and so on in each piece of farmland, and should not be watered, fertilized, The concentration, temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide concentration, how to implement on-demand supply, etc., will be displayed on the computer screen, and do real-time quantitative "precise" check. Farmers only need to switch, make a choice, or completely listen to "instructions", can be kind of good. In the case of returning farmland to forest, even if the cultivated land is reduced, the yield of crops can be kept at a high level by means of technical means.

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