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The key on the air conditioner remote control is not used. It is bought in white.

- Aug 12, 2018 -

Summer has arrived, many families have begun to use air conditioning, but enjoy the cool at the same time, dawdling rising electricity charges are a bit distressing. Now I'll teach you some ways to save electricity.

Do you notice the "dehumidifier" button on the remote control panel of air conditioning? The key on the air conditioner remote control is not used. It is bought in white. The secret of saving electricity is here.

This is the key to saving electricity.

In summer, just switching the air conditioning mode from "refrigeration" to "dehumidification" can save a lot of money and keep the house as cool as a refrigerator.

But is it really the case?

The higher the humidity is, the higher the body temperature will be. The reason why dehumidification mode is so magical is related to this principle. When the dehumidification mode is turned on, the indoor blower will keep the low speed operation, and the compressor will also operate intermittently, so that the room temperature can be kept near the set temperature, which can remove a lot of moisture in the air.

In the "air-conditioning" mode, air-conditioning compressors and blowers will continue to operate until the indoor temperature reaches a low temperature before the automatic shutdown, so more power consumption.

When using the air conditioning dehumidification function, the room air is inhaled by the indoor fan and through the evaporator, the moisture in the air is condensed into water and discharged. The relative humidity of the air decreases from over 70% before dehumidification (uncomfortable feeling on sauna days) to about 50%, giving people a dry and comfortable feeling.

Don't be impatient. Just like that, you can't save electricity most.

Experts say the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is preferably between 5-6 degrees. If the gap is too large, it will bring great burden to human body. Therefore, the "dehumidification" mode is much healthier than the "cold air model".

It should be noted that in the dehumidification mode, the air conditioning temperature is not too low. If the temperature is below 23 degrees, only by lowering the multiple degree, it will be necessary to generate electricity by several times of electricity.

These tips are also available for air conditioning.

1. Do not turn off the air conditioner for a short time.

Wrong way: to save electricity, most people turn off the air conditioner when they go out, and restart after they get home.

Reason: Too frequent operation will cause damage to the air-conditioning compressor, and the start-up of 500-1000 watts of high voltage will be more power-intensive.

2, the degree of air conditioning is not as low as possible.

The wrong way: lower the air conditioner to a lower degree.

Reason: Temperature is not the only condition for the human body to feel cold and hot. Humidity, air flow and radiation can change the body temperature. Simply reducing the degree of air conditioning can not completely feel comfortable. To reduce the body temperature effectively, it is recommended to adjust the air volume of the cold air to make the skin feel the cold wind. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is preferably between 5-6 degrees, otherwise it is not good for the body.

3. Automatic mode saves electricity.

Wrong way: ignore automatic mode.

Reason: many people will not use the automatic mode on the air conditioner. The automatic mode will select the most appropriate air volume and direction according to the room condition, and when the room is cool, it will control the power consumption and keep the setting temperature.

4. The outlet has great influence on the refrigeration effect.

The wrong way: the air conditioner is always blowing at the outlet.

Reason: After the air temperature becomes low, the cold air flow is easy to go down. When refrigerating, the air outlet should be up, so the refrigeration effect is good. In winter, the hot gas is going up. When the heating is made, the outlet can be lowered.

5. Cooperate with electric fans and sunshade screens.

Wrong way: air conditioners are used. What fans do you need?

Reason: Blowing power of electric fan can accelerate the circulation of cold air in the room. The distribution of cold air is uniform. It can achieve better cooling effect without lowering the setting temperature. It has comfortable feeling and can save electricity. If curtain is used at the same time, sunshade can reduce the room temperature effect caused by sunlight radiation.

6. Sleep function

Wrong way: air conditioning for one night.

Reason: In sleep, the use of air conditioning sleep function, in people sleep to a certain time, the air conditioner will automatically raise the indoor temperature, play a 20% energy-saving effect.

7. Regular cleaning of filter screen.

Wrong way: do not filter the net for a long time.

Reason: the filter screen on the air conditioning panel should be cleaned once or about half a month. If too much dust is accumulated, clean it in warm water not exceeding 45 degrees. Cleaning the filter is beneficial to people's health as well as reducing energy consumption.



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