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Five development trends of PCB technology

- Apr 11, 2016 -

1. developing high density interconnection (HDI)-HDI embodies PCB of the most advanced technology, it brings to the PCB fine line, very small aperture technology.

2. has the strength of components embedding technology components embedded technology is the great changes in PCB functional integrated circuits, including design, PCB manufacturers, equipment, testing, simulation systems, increase the input of resources in order to maintain strong vitality.

3.-heat resistance PCB material that meets international standards, high glass transition temperature (Tg), coefficient of thermal expansion and dielectric constant.

4. photoelectric PCB prospects-which uses the optical layer and circuit-level signal, this new technology is the key manufacturing optical layer (waveguide). Is an organic polymer that use sheets photocopied, laser ablation, reactive ion etching method to form.

5. Update manufacturing processes, the introduction of advanced production equipment.

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