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Classification of LED modules

- Apr 11, 2016 -

By color type can is divided into monochrome, and colorful, and full color single points control three species, monochrome is single species color of module, General has red, and green, and yellow, and white and so on is compared common of; colorful LED module is by seven species different color for transform of module products, it color more, more has changes sex; full color LED module and colorful compared is more rich, it can achieved full really of color changes, not only very beautiful, and dynamic full, also more can attract people of eye.

Can be divided into low-power single LED power (0.3W), power (0.3-0.5W), high power (1W or more) three high power module is higher than low power on the brightness and use longer, is a whole trend of LED lighting, more practicality.

Seal and can be divided into both waterproof and non-waterproof. Waterproof and non-waterproof module is mainly look at applications to distinguish, generally waterproof LED modules can be used in outdoor lighting and use, it won't happen because of water problems, more suitable for harsh environment applications, not more waterproof module are mainly for indoor use. Of course, waterproof module waterproofing in price is also higher than some.

In accordance with the shape of LED LED modules are divided into: direct plug-in type LED module, Piranha LED modules, LED SMD modules.

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