Wireless Smart Gateway

Dusun intelligent home gateway supports wifi, zigbee, ble agreement.Smart HomeKit core components, the system acts as the "brain" or "heart" role, is the control center of the intelligent home.
    • Wall Router

      Wall Router

      Product Name: Wall router Product Function: Wall router main function is to signal conversion and signal...

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    • 3 In 1 Gateway

      3 In 1 Gateway

      Product Name: 3 in1 gateway Product Function: Smart Home Kit core components, the system acts as the...

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    • Smart Home Gateway

      Smart Home Gateway

      Product Name: Temperature Sensor Product Function: Home security in the armed state, real-time, accurate measurement...

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    • Smart Gateway

      Smart Gateway

      The smart home gateway is a bridge between different communication interfaces,such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, ZigBee or...

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    • 4G Industrial Gateway

      4G Industrial Gateway

      4G industrial gateway is a using FDD-LTE 4G wide area network, with a wireless LAN WIFI, 1 WAN port, four Ethernet...

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    • 3G Wireless Router Gateway

      3G Wireless Router Gateway

      3G wireless router gateway Gateway, support four major wireless protocol. 3G Internet access: 3G high-speed cellular...

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    • 3 In1 Smart Home Gateway

      3 In1 Smart Home Gateway

      The Dusun 3 in 1 smart gateway is designed for digital smart home. As the core of the smart home, the Dusun 3 in 1...

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